Augmented Reality Gaming

AR-based games like Pokémon GO have gained widespread popularity. These games allow players to explore the real world while interacting with virtual elements. Players use their mobile devices to find and capture virtual creatures overlaid onto real-world locations. This type of gaming encourages physical activity, exploration, and social interaction, as players collaborate to complete challenges and capture virtual objects.

Interactive Storytelling

AR enhances storytelling by allowing users to become part of the narrative. Interactive books or apps use AR to animate characters, objects, and scenes when viewed through a device's camera. Readers can watch characters come to life, manipulate virtual elements, and interact with the story's world, making the storytelling experience immersive and participatory.

Social Experiences

AR-powered social experiences allow users to create and share content in novel ways. Snapchat filters and Instagram stickers are examples of how AR is integrated into social media platforms, enabling users to overlay fun and interactive effects onto their photos and videos.